Sunday, September 9, 2012

Heading to Sleeping Bear Dunes

Saturday, September 8—41 miles today (total is 267) :
Raining in Traverse City, but heading out on Day 6

It was raining in Traverse City, but the bikers headed out…………………..  There was a paved trail through town, though they lost it a few times.  On the west end, they followed the trail to Suttons Bay, a cute town along the lake.  As I drove along the lake to meet them, I was amazed at how low the lake was.  There were a number of boats on lifts and the water level looked to be 3-4 feet low and I am not sure how they would ever get the boat down.

When I met the bikers at a park along the lake, I asked a guy who was loading his sailboat how low the water was.  He said 2 feet and he had never known it to be so low. 
The sun is shing, but they still have their rain gear on in Suttons Bay
The bikers headed out and I drove to Leelanau State Park to get our sites.  It is right along the water and we got two sites with wonderful views.  The bikers rolled in around 3:00 and we set up camp.  There is a lighthouse on the grounds, but it closed at 4:00, so we were not able to tour it.
Camp at Leelanu State Park--Lake Michigan is on the left, just across the road.

Supper was a “must go” night—things in the cooler and tub must go away.   Pat and Deb had some pasta with butter/cheese while Rebecca and I took out the pudgy pies for grilled cheese with sausage—the only bread we have left is cinnamon, so that was an interesting taste……………..  We had a couple of games of Rummie-O before heading to bed.

Sunday, September 9

Heading out on Day 7 of Biking


Pat is always the first one up and makes the coffee!
Our view from our campsite this morning.

I am in Glen Arbor, updating the blog while the bikers are about a half hour back.  We are headed to Platte River Campground which is along Sleeping Bear Dunes National Shoreline.  I am headed back to meet them for lunch and then will head toward the campground to get the sites.  The plan is to be all set and head to Frankfort and find someplace to watch the Packer game at 4:25 this afternoon.  So, supper will be out tonight!

I hope to get online tomorrow morning to update our last night of camping.  The bikers will ride as far as they want and I will pick them up.  We just need to allow enough time to pack everything up and get to Muskegon by 4:00 to load the ferry to Milwaukee and Home!


  1. Pretty view from your campsite! Thanks for the's fun to follow along!