Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Check In!

We have not been able to get Wi-Fi until this morning--so Barb is at a Hardee's in Mantisique and Pat, Deb and Beb are riding off toward out "rustic campsite" tonight--I am sure there will be more about that in a later post................

So--here is the wrap up so far:

Saturday, September 1st:
 We headed north for Escanaba by 9:30am Saturday morning. It took us awhile to get all four bikes loaded, with socks placed among the bikes to prevent rubbing.  Barb and Pat got the gear loaded early, so after the bikes were on, we were ready to go!

The car was all packed, but I am not sure Rebecca had checked the sandals she put on......

Got to our campground in Escanaba (Pioneer Park) around 3pm, and found our rustic campsite… far away from everyone else (no kids, dogs).  We anticipated a quiet night.  Eventually several other groups came in, but they were all adult, and were not very close to us.  After pitching our tents, we settled down to supper (Pudgie pie pizzas), beer and/or wine.  A Pudgy Pie-making contest was held, and Pat won.  Barb and Bec both ended up scraping off burned tortilla shells. We then made cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing in the Pudgie’s for dessert—Yum!

After a rousing game of Rummy-Kub, and using several flashlights to see the tiles during the last game, we had lights out!  Barb in her brand new sleeping bag, pillow, and thermarest (remember, Barb’s idea of camping is a Holiday Inn Express!)… 

Sunday, September 2nd (51 miles biking):
Well, true to most campgrounds, there was plenty of noise throughout the night.  We had trains (RIGHT next to our campground, or so it sounded…), loud owls, police sirens, and some loud talkers.  We all woke up and heard the commotion from time to time.  Barb however, claimed only an hour of sleep during the night, due to the noise, no cushion, and lousy pillow.

Pat, Deb, and Bec headed out on the bikes at 9 am and Barb headed back to Escanaba to find a coffee shop, grocery store, and store.   She was set to buy a mattress, new pillow and pillow case!  And she did!  We all thought she’d buy a real mattress and tie it to the top of the Suburban—however she did get an air mattress instead at Wal-Mart, along with a "real" pillow!.
Pat's bike, Rebecca's bike, Deb's bike and Barb's vehicle......................

Ready to go and riding off on highway 2 in Michigan!

The bikers had a pretty nice route, fairly flat with less than 400’ of elevation gain over the 50 miles traveled today.  We were on Hwy 2 for most of the trip, which have about 8’ shoulders.  Just needed to watch out for all of the pebbles!  Good views of Lake Michigan early, and then again later around Garden Corners.  We left Hwy 2 and rode on Hwy 442 the rest of the way (not good if any shoulders, but less trafficked).
Barb met us after 2 hours of riding to check on us, at which time we took a break, had some fruit, and then headed on.  When we arrived at Indian Lake Campground, Barb was already there and had the picnic table filled with our coolers, and other paraphernalia.  We relaxed a bit, had some lamb sausage and crackers, peanut butter, fruit, and relaxed.  The lake here is beautiful, beach is sandy, and showers were warm.  What more could you ask.

Supper was corn on the cob and cheese burgers, thanks to “Wishbone,” our cook!!  Popcorn over the fire was the snack before bed!

Labor Day Monday, September 3rd (45 miles biking-total miles-96)
Well, true to most campgrounds, there was plenty of noise throughout the night—oops am I repeating myself.  Little did we know that the noise on Saturday night was nothing like Sunday night—at least until 1:30 am and the group of partiers across from us finally went to bed! 
Campsite at Indian Lake State Park
 When we got up this morning at 7:00, we had hoped to make lots and lots of noise…………… However, we made coffee and hardboiled eggs on toast sandwiches and off we went!
The three were able to get on their bikes for day 2 and Barb headed out to restock the supplies, find a coffee shop--Hardees--and get this blog posted.
  Checking the map before heading out on Day 2!
 Stay tuned for more next time we get online--probably Tuesday night as we are in a hotel in St. Ignace--YAY!



  1. Enjoying vicariously your biking adventure. Barb, I'm with idea of camping is at least a comfortable motorhome with a real mattress and my special pillow! Praying you all have a safe and fun trip!!

  2. Wow...great update! Sounds like you ladies are very busy...and having a good time with good food for camping!

    I too am with Barb.....I at least need an air mattress to sleep on in a tent ☺

    Have a great safe and have fun!

  3. I am glad that your travels are going well. The biking girls look so official! Hang in there Barb, that hotel is just around the corner!!!!

    Looking forward to the future updates. Travel safe!

  4. Great blog Barb! Good to hear you're having fun.
    Stay safe.