Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day Tandem Ride ~ 33 Miles

Happy Labor Day....................  a few days late as I type this and you read it!

So I start with the acknowledgement that yes indeed it stormed on Sunday night!  Rained Buckets--lots of wind and lightening and thunder.  But, we all stayed dry and everything stayed in place--even the Wisconsin canopy!

Breakfast was bagels with eggs and bacon--McD's is not as good as ours.................  Pat decided to take up Rebecca's invitation to take the tandem out today, with the stipulation that they are to ride a trail and not the road.  So, Rebecca got the tandem ready to go.

We drove into Hinckley and found the start of the Willard Munger State Trail--a paved trail that goes from Hinckley all the way to Duluth.  The ladies were set to head north toward Moose Lake, about a 35 miles ride.  They were set to go!

Pat and Rebecca ready for day 2 on the tandem!
I found a grocery store-gas station-Subway about 10 miles north in Sandstone and bought ice for the coolers.  I asked if there was a coffee shop or someplace with free Wi-Fi.  The clerk pointed over to an area with a few tables and booths for Subway and said use that.  So, I got the my laptop and proceeded to update the blog for Saturday and Sunday.  I had all of Saturday's post done and had sent Rebecca and Pat a text to ask them to email me pictures they took with their phones on Sunday.  The text did not go through and I realized I had my data connection off on my phone.  No sooner did I turn it on and a text from Rebecca said they had a flat tire and no pump on the tandem.  I called and found out they were about 15 miles north of me and would walk about a mile to a point where the trail crosses a road.  The Saganista was ready to spring..............  well drive.... into action!  I drove to the road that I thought was where they would cross and look south to see two walkers and a tandem coming my way, about 500 yards away.  I took the hand pump and walked down the trail toward them.  As I got closer, I asked for their AAA card.  Neither had one but I helped them anyway....................  Sadly, there are no pictures of fixing the flat tire.  The only picture they took was of the sandhill cranes--look closely in the center of the picture.

I then drove to Moose Lake and found the Lazy Moose Restaurant.  I waited about and hour and the girls arrived.  We had ice cream and explored the town a bit.  We packed up the bikes and headed back to our campsite.  We had left overs for supper--in pudgy pies.  Hamburger, potatoes, cheese in a tortilla over the fire--yum!  Our last night at the site and I think we were one of only two campers in about 10 loops of sites.  Everyone else had left during the day on Labor Day.  Tomorrow--Tuesday-we head to the North Shore to Tofte, MN.
Day Two Ride--33 Miles
Total Miles--75.5 Miles


  1. Oh my....I don't know what a pudgy pie is.....it sounds like despite the flat the ride went good. Yay for that! I hope that you had safe travels on Tuesday.

  2. Tami doesn't know what a pudgy pie is?? I have never made hamburgers in them, and I think I must try :-) Glad you are all having a good time, despite the weather!