Saturday, September 6, 2014

Thursday and Friday Rides

This is a backtrack of Thursday and Friday.  I will also recap Saturday with another post yet today.

Thursday morning we were in the Ashland hotel, waiting until it stopped pouring, before heading out.  It was still raining, but not as hard when we hit the road about 10:00.  We went to the Ashland Visitors Center--which is called the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center. It is an awesome place, with many exhibits and a five story observation tower, staffed by many Forest Service people, with a wealth of information.  We did not take a picture, but this is from their site.

 Rebecca, along the railing, at the top of the center.

We then drove to Washburn, WI, to pick out a campsite at Memorial Park.  It had stopped raining and the sun was trying to come out.  We found a nice site, under the trees and hoped the sun would dry up some of the wet spots in the grass. 

Pat and Rebecca hopped on their bikes and rode north towards Cornucopia.  It was a nice ride and as usual, they found a point of interest along the way.

Rebecca really wanted to go over by the large chicken to have her photo op, but she settled for a selfie with Pat.
They got back to the camp with time to shower and for all three of us head to a local bar/restaurant to watch the Packer football game.  We found a place called Patsy's and decided with a name like that, it had to be perfect.  It is also listed on the Packers Everywhere website as the place for Packer fans in Washburn.   We got there early to get a good seat, had a few beverages, ate a couple of wonderful appetizers, followed by great burgers and watched the game.   We do not need to go into the details of the outcome, but in full disclosure, we did not stay for the entire game...........
Day Four Ride--29 Miles
Total Miles--137.5 Miles
Friday--We brought along Pickleball rackets and even a net, so, they did need to be used--or they would not be included on a future list of items needed!  So, we walked a couple of blocks to play an hour or so of semi-vigorous Pickleball.  Two on one and even a few mini-singles games on half of a tennis court.  Good Fun!
We then walked mile to a local bakery with some great food.  We stopped the day before to get a loaf of bread and had about 15 kinds to chose from.  Late breakfast-early lunch was enjoyed. We also stopped at a local shop and I had to test out the bikes outside.

Rebecca and Pat hopped on the bikes and road to Bayfield, where I drove to meet them.  We walked around town a bit and enjoyed an ice cream cone.  We also had to model some hats we found in a shop.

Pat and Rebecca got back on their bikes to head back to camp and I too started to drive back.  I followed a sign for blueberries and spent about a half hour picking some great berries.  It sure seemed late to be picking blueberries, but they said it was coming to an end--maybe another few days.  They were very good berries and we will have some for the next few days.
We thought about going to a show at Big Top Chautauqua, but decided to get a fish fry at Patsy's.  It must be good as the place was more crowded for the fish fry then even for the game the night before.  We had a great campfire--the best one yet and enjoyed the beautiful sunset from our campground.

Day Five Ride--24 Miles
Total Miles--161.5 Miles

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