Saturday, September 6, 2014

Saturday at Madeline Island

Today was the day all three of us rode bikes.  We loaded the bikes onto the Suburban and drove to Bayfield. 


Yes, you do see a football that Rebecca throws any chance she gets someone to play catch with her.

We loaded just ourselves and the bikes on the ferry to Madeline Island.
The ferry holds about 20 cars, plus motorcycles and bikes, along with people just going over to the island.  It is a relatively smooth trip.................  some of you may remember reading about Rebecca's very unpleasant ferry ride home across Lake Michigan from the 2012 trip.  It is well documented here.
When docking at Madeline Island, the ferry has to turn 180 degrees in a relatively small area in order to let the cars drive off forward--quite amazing.
This is the day six ride with Pat and Rebecca posing by the tandem and Pat's bike on the ferry.
Rebecca and I at the dock, just before heading out for a ride around the island.
The ride was a nice loop on a road with a bike lane most of the way.  We met a few other bikes and there was very little car traffic.  After the ride, we walked around a few shops and Pat decided she wanted to cancel the order for the new table at their new house to purchase this one.  The owner would even deliver--I guess a $100,000 price tag even gets delivery to Colorado!
We ate lunch at the Beach House and then headed back to the ferry.

Yes, Rebecca does have a skirt on over her bike shorts.  I started calling her Alice, after Dr. Claussen, after a professor I had in college.  At that time, the women Physical Education teachers would not be seen outside of the gym with their shorts on-they always had some sort of a skirt to cover them up. My, how times have changed!   She also does not look too happy as she is more than ready to get off of the ferry!
As we get back to shore, Pat decides she is going to ride her bike back to camp.  Rebecca and I would take car back with the tandem on the back and when we got back to camp, then Rebecca would ride out and meet Pat.  That was the plan...................  until I realized I did not have my sunglass case that had my regular glasses in them!  They had been in the zipper pocket in the back of Rebecca's bike shirt, but now, nowhere to be found.  They had to be on the island at the place we ate or one of the shops, as I may have had the case in my hand and set it down.  I called the restaurant, but they had not seen it.  I had to go back over to look for myself..............................
Rebecca and I headed back to the dock and a ferry was just about to leave.  I told the girl in the ticket booth what happened and asked it we or at least if I could go back over and not have to pay.  She gave me a free roundtrip ticket and Rebecca was happy to wait!  So, off I went, again on the Madeline ferry over to the island.  I even asked the people n the ferry if they saw a case as it was the same one we came back on.  When I got back to the island, I headed straight for the restaurant and asked again.  No luck.  I walked to the shop with the table Pat envied--again no.  Third stop was a gallery we had visited and I asked there.  Yes--they had them and left them on a stump out front as they knew for sure someone would be back for them.  YAY!!!!  I hurried back to the ferry and it had not left yet.  Luckily it was packed of cars and riders, so it took a bit longer to load.  So--back to Bayfield again..................  A few pictures along the way.

We stopped at the grocery store to get some fresh fish (lake trout and whitefish) to go with the corn on the cob Bec and Pat picked up yesterday.  Dinner will be around the campfire as this is our last night of camping.  Tomorrow we head to Minocqua to stay in a cabin for the last three days.  So that also means the last time sleeping on an air mattress.  YAY!!!!!!

Day Six Ride--12 Miles Barb and Rebecca, 25 for Pat
Total Miles--186.5 Miles

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