Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sunday and Monday in Minocqua

Sunday, we loaded up the car of all of the camping supplies and headed east and then south toward Minocqua.  We stopped for a hearty breakfast in Ashland and then drove south.  I dropped Rebecca and Pat off about 25 miles away from the cabin so they could ride the back roads to the house. And, yes, the football came out for day....  well they are not sure, but think it is day 7!


I drove on and got to the house to get things unloaded.  The garage is along the road and the house is about 200 yards in the woods.  I think I took 10-11 trips back and forth to the car and back to the house to bring everything in.

The log cabin sure is pretty--three levels of living space and is totally in the woods.  It does not show up well in the picture, but all of the leaves on the ground are due to the same storm we had in Ashland on Wednesday night.  They had huge winds and lots of hail, which pelted the leaves to the ground.  Many smaller branches were down too.  There is a fire pit to the left of the wood pile, but we probably will not use it.

Pat and Rebecca rolled in an hour or so later--after I showered and had the second load of clothes in the washer.  The washer would get a work out as I think we did five loads between the three of us!  The pictures below are Sunday Lake--taken on Sunday. Yes, there was a bit of a "Who's on First" routine when these got emailed to me..............

Supper was individual pizzas.  We were planning to make them in pudgy pies, but we used the stove instead.  We fried the tortillas, then added peperoni slices, onions, cheese and put them under the broiler.  Yummy!  Followed that with a rousing game of Rummy-Kub!
Day Seven Ride--26 Miles
Total Miles--212.5 Miles
It sure felt good to roll out of a real bed this morning!  Breakfast at the house and of course, the football came out before we left the cabin.
We drove into Minocqua.
I dropped Pat and Rebecca off a mile or so east of town.  This is day 8 and they were planning to ride roads (County J)for about 11 miles, until they got on the paved trail at St. Germaine. 

They road north through Sayner and ended up at Crystal Lake.  It is a beautiful lake that does not allow motors.  You can see sand beaches pretty much all around the lake.  They did see one interesting sight along the way....................

There was one photo taken by Pat with Rebecca by the sign, but since she is the youngest of the three, I thought better of posting it.....................
I met them at Crystal Lake and we had not even got out of the park before it started to rain.  Good Timing!
We stopped for groceries on the way home and Rebecca cooked a great supper!  WE also had another "cocktail treat"--so we enjoyed a bottle of homemade wine that Linda gave us-Pinot Grigio.  Very Tasty!
Tomorrow, Tuesday, is the last full day of vacation.  We plan to go into Minocqua in the morning for a bit, find a coffee shop for a latte as well as internet to update the past few days. There is no internet at the cabin and very limited cell coverage--a true "up north" place!  We plan to get the tandem out for a ride around Squirrel Lake, which is right by the cabin. We plan to eat out tonight at a local supper club called Mama's.  I will report on that when we get home. 
We leave Wednesday morning to head home!  Will unload the car and maybe meet Deb someplace in the evening to exchange vehicles.  Deb had hoped to be able to work things out to meet us here at the cabin, but it did not happed.  Pat will need to pack up her bike so we can take it to the UPS store to ship back to Colorado.  Her flight out is Thursday late afternoon, so we have all day to get that done, and recover!

Day Seven Ride--27 Miles
Total Miles--240.5 Miles



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