Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tuesday in Minocqua--Four Strikes!

We started out the day heading into Minocqua looking for a coffee shop so I could update the blog and we all wanted to enjoy a latte!  The one place in downtown was closed on Tuesday, so I asked for another recommendation.  There was one two blocks away, so we walked there.  It too was closed-Tuesday and Wednesday.  So, we asked for another recommendation at the store next door.  There is a new shop a few blocks away, so we headed to the car to find it.  We drove around the area where it was to be--twice--and none of us could see it.  So--we headed north of Woodruff, about 5 miles away, to a place we had seen before and hoped was open.  Bingo!  We each enjoyed a latte and I updated the blog. We then drove back to Minocqua and walked into the shops for about an hour.  We also stopped for ice cream and asked for recommendations for a Supper Club for our dinner meal.  We got three names!

On the way back to the cabin, we had to stop at the Hallman-Lindsay paint store. There happen to be some interesting animals that really needed a photo op.

Back at the cabin, Rebecca and I decided to find a place to go swimming on Squirrel Lake.  We were not sure where the public access was or if there was a beach, but we were going to find out.  We drove a few miles and found the public access for boats.  The water was quite cold and I tried to go in, but got as far as my knees, so I sat on the pier with my feet in the water.  But, Rebecca loves lake water and usually shows off her water ballet skills!
The Shark

 The Clam

Leg Spins 

Ta Da!
While we were swimming or dipping, Pat rode her bike around Squirrel Lake--or the majority of it that was paved.  After showers, we decided to pack as much as of car as we could as were to be hard rains overnight and into the next morning.  That was a good idea!
We then headed out for dinner at Norwood Supper Club.  We drove in and there were lots of trucks and boat trailers.  As we walked up to the door, we noticed a half-barrel of beer with cups--with a sign that said--Closed for a Private Party.  Strike three, if you are counting...............  We then drove to our second choice--The Four Seasons.  Tuesday is German night and we thought that sounds interesting.  The drive was about 7 miles and as we drove in...................  yes, you guessed--Closed!  Strike Four on places closed.  It is after Labor Day and many places up north have limited days open.  So, our third choice was Mama's, but it was mainly Italian and we would rather not do that.  So, we stopped at a place on the corner of highways 70 and 51 that looked crowded--The Plantation.  Yes, it was open and the food was great!  We even had a fourth night of cocktail glasses provided by Pat!
Final night at the cabin--tomorrow we head home!
Pat's Ride--11 Miles

Total Miles--251.5 Miles
Not as many miles as 2012, but a great vacation was had by all!


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